What happens in Texas doesn’t stay in Texas

[Commentary by Tim Reckmeyer]

Human-caused global climate change is one of the most complex issues facing society today. It is a global problem felt on local scales that cuts across many dimensions — science, economics, society, politics, and moral and ethical questions. It is here today, will be around for decades and centuries to come and it impacts people in different ways.

In my circle of relationships, I have had family and friends in Nebraska live through the catastrophic flooding in 2019, while my aunt and uncle in Florida saw entire communities in Mexico Beach, Florida wiped off the map because of Hurricane Michael in 2018. My sister in California seems to deal with mega fires year-round and in Texas I have colleagues, whom as recently as last week, didn’t have any electricity or running water for days.

I’m always curious to learn more about the science of global warming and as the disaster in Texas unfolded, I sought out expert advice from Katharine Hayhoe.

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